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Internet: Importance of verifying celebrities on Social Networks

Blog: Celebrities on Social Networks

Celebrities on networks
Celebrities join social networks to connect to their fans or to advertise for free new works and shows, the fans like and follow in mass. Some celebrities even have tens of millions of fans/followers on social networks, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo has 40 million in Facebook (

False accounts false
But there are many fake accounts on behalf of celebrities, some are up to tens and hundreds of fake accounts that are created on behalf of celebrities (artists, athletes, etc.). The objective is to impersonate the celebrity fans to redirect them to other sites and generate traffic, or to give false information because they do not like the celebrity, etc. This is a situation which sometimes causes nuisance to the celebrity because their fans think they are reading what something, but is actually fake and they are being deceived.

True Accounts
To resolve this situation for the users/fans are not fooled, the page of celebrities, companies or sites like Twitter and Google+ show an image that says the account is true (verified), which is the real celebrity in question. Facebook does not have this feature, especially because the accession of the fans is in a large scale when made by the celebrities themselves and advertised on websites, this means that the number of followers is large, easily demonstrating that the account is true.
But Facebook has "something up his sleeve" and is preparing a service to verify the accounts of celebrities ...

When you find a fake account, who is impersonating a celebrity, you should report it, the celebrity may also report directly to the given social network. When it is verified that the celebrity in question is making the complaint, the false account is deleted.

Find the real ones
You can go directly to the website of celebrity, on their own sites they should have a link or an icon for the account. You can search on the social network, and the true account should be indicated. But you also can find through sites that collect links to celebrity fans know where you can follow the real celebrities at the various sites like: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Website, etc. See the post 03/encontrar-celebridades-nas-redes.html to learn how.

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