segunda-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2012

Sony raises the price by 60% of the Whitney Houston albums

Blog: Sony raises price of Whitney Housten albums

Soon after it was known that Whitney Houston died, Sony increased the prices of the albums of the singer in 60%. As with Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, shortly after their deaths, the sale of their albums started to sell a lot, but this time they were 'smarter' and increased the price of albums right away, so that they can get even more money from the people who feel interested of purchasing the music.

Many did not notice because they did not know the normal price, but fans of the singer did not fail to notice that, and accused Sony of being taking advantage of the death of the singer. Using social networks, Sony has being the target of big criticism. Sony has denied this and justify that the value has been changed by mistake and that is already fixed.

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