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The television series «House, M.D.» will end with season 8

Blog: The television series House M.D. will end

The producers of the television series "House M.D." (Dr. House), announced that the series will end this season. The series is currently in season 8, and will end with the episode number 177, which will air before the summer of 2012.

The series 'House M.D.'
The series 'House' premiered in November 2004 and opened not that good, it seemed that would be a failure, but over time the audiences have been growing consistently, making it one of the most successful series of today. Dr Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) has become a figure admired by many and his arrogance made ​​him the most popular of Dr. television types.

Hugh Laurie
In August 2010, Hugh Laurie became the better paid actor ever in television per episode of a television series. With $700,000 per episode (approximately 15 million dollars a season is something to envy a lot actors in television, and even entering the Guinness Book of Records for being the highest paid.

Series of medicine
Due to the success of this series, during these eight years, other dramas on the theme of medicine were appearing on television, each with their gender, not trying to copy, but they saw that it was a theme that the audience liked and wanted to see in television.

Source: http://tv.blog.imdb.net/2012/02/08/fox-officially-announces-the-end-of-house/

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