sexta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2012 I see the satellite map in white?

Blog: Geocaching satellite map is blank

The site has a new map, but you can't see the satellite view? it appears all in white? The problem is not with your computer, the problem now is with the Geocaching service .

The satellite images were shown by GoogleMaps, but Google has now changed its licensing of the API to use with GoogleMaps sites, limiting the daily access to the API by 25 thousand uses a day per website. This is a problem for the Geocaching site that has about 2 million uses per day, and so is not allowed to use more the API.

The site Geocaching tried to negotiate with Google to continue to use the API, but failed to reach agreement because this only happens to 0.35% of the sites affected. The currently do not have this service available (satellite images), but you may continue to use the map but only seeing the roads on the map, the API that is using for this is the OpenStreetMap.

This is the situation at the moment in February of 2012, if you are reading this post in the future the problem may be different.

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