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What is a Mystery Client?

Blog post: What is a Mystery Client?

What is a Mystery Client?
A «Mystery Client» is a person who will infiltrate a service as a normal customer, in order to acquire information about customer service. Will act as a normal customer, a shop, service, a product, etc., and then make a report to about customer satisfaction, which will be communicated to the company that owns this service. It is a technique widely used in the United States, and increasingly implemented in Europe.

Why use a Mystery Client?
The store owner, product or service, may want to evaluate the employees about their customer service, or the reaction how a customer use their products. It can also be used to evaluate a service employee or his competition, to improve their services and how the competition operates in some situations. Whether an employee of a store has enough knowledge to clarify a client with information in certain areas.

Techniques used
A Mystery Client may act in several ways, either approach may be a different technique to test a service. The techniques most commonly used are:
• Personally
• By phone
• Navigating the site
• Hidden Cameras
• Talk with other customers
• Use a service
• Use a product
• Making a complaint

Alone or in a team?
A mystery client usually acts alone, but can also be created a team of Mystery Clients in order to test the service from a store. Several Mystery Clients can act simultaneously in a store in order to test the response of the service simultaneously, creating a stress situation to test the response, or the responsiveness of the team in charge of a shop or service to be provided.

Who hires
Normally an owner who wants to evaluate the response of its employees, or spy on his competition. The most common areas are: Retail Stores, Hotels, Banks, Restaurants, Telecommunications. But it can be applied to any type of business, having a specific technique for each type of business.

Types of Mystery Clients
A Mystery Client may have assigned a typology according the the specific way that will act as a customer, but the goal is the same always.
• Mystery Customer
• Mystery Buyer
• Mystery Call
• Mystery Inspector
• Mystery Patient
• Mystery Public
• Mystery Student
• Mystery Guest

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