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Tutorial: How to add on Facebook places where you lived

Blog: How to add on Facebook places where lived

I will explain how you can add to your Facebook timeline several places where you lived during your life, as life events. You can also add additional information such as: date, address, with who, street, history, and photos.

Follow these steps:
1. Go to your page timeline
2. Find the application "Maps" and click on "View All" in the upper right corner of the application. Or do to
3. You can view all the places already added by clicking "Places lived" at the bottom of the application.
4. Write in the text box "Add a location to your map" on top of the application, and choose a city from the pages that are displayed.
5. Choose "I lived here" type of life event that you want.
6. Fill out the form with the information you want to appear on this life event and you may also add photos.
7. You can also choose whether this information is "Public" or for "Friends".
8. Click "Save" and you're done.

You can watch the video below where I show this steps.

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