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Humanized floor plans

Blog Post: Humanized floor plans

What are "Humanized floor plans"
Humanized floor plans is a visual art, which consists in the use of a plant of a house/building, and create a whole graphical environment that demonstrates how it will be built and inhabited. All the materials used in each division, the furnitures used in the various divisions, public spaces, access for vehicles, etc., to demonstrate how it is/will be each division.

Creating a digital graphic that appeals to the buyers. Commonly used by builders and real estate, for promoting and selling apartments, or other spaces. Showing the buyer a vision of how will be the house, using graphics of furniture properly arranged in each divisions, offers the customer a better idea of ​​the reference space.

Who uses
A major tool used by builders, architects and real estate, giving greater confidence to their customers through a graphic reference. The design can be printed in catalogs, posters, magazines or shown digitally on websites, smartphones app's or tables, among other uses.

Typically, this projects are requested by construction companies, for apartments not yet finalized, to easily make a sale. Also widely used by real estate, used for promotion of their properties. The private sector can also request a project like this to try to sell a property.

Targeted customers
Usually the targeted customers for this kind of graphics are looking to buy a house to live in, or looking to purchase real estate homes for business. Also used to attract investors for a project.

The price of this type of design may vary, the professional that executes it, the complexity of the floor plan, the graphics required and the type of graphics used.

Planta humanizada: Apartamento T3 Figueira da Foz

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