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Problem uploading a video on YouTube

Blog: Problem uploading a video on YouTube

There are several situations which may give problems with YouTube and cause a conflict that prevents you from uploading videos, make the transfer too slow, or possibly stops in the middle of uploading the video. There is no single solution because the problem may be the computer, browser, antivirus, etc.. I will then present a few tips to help solve this problem.

YouTube now has a maximum of 15 minutes per video for normal users, who are not YouTube Partners. So if your video is longer than 15 minutes will not be accepted and these solutions will not help you.

Use an old version of the uploader
If the version of your browser is old, may not be compatible with the current video uploader, you should use the old version of YouTube uploader which can be found at page

Conflicts with Anti-virus
Your anti-virus will be creating conflict with the action and stop the upload in the middle. You will have to open the antivirus program you are using and turn it off before starting the upload, at the end of uploading the video you should enable it again.

Conflicts with the Firewall
The firewall that you use may be blocking or stoping the video upload. For this you should disable the firewall before uploading the video. It may be that firewall you have installed or the firewall of the anti-virus.

Browser Cache
You may have to do a clean the browser cache, so your browser be empty from all its uses.

Reinstall the browser
It may be some settings or something that is influencing the application loading the video. If you uninstall and reinstall your browser, you can solve this problem, if you can not detect the problem.

Use the latest version of browser
You should use the latest version of your browser, because older versions may not be compatible with new applications of the sites.

Change browser
Sometimes it is a matter of browser or browser version, you can switch browsers (Chrome, FireFox, IE, Opera, etc) and this may no longer happen. This situation problems or conflicts could happen because other programs are causing a particular problem to the browser.

Internet connection
In 3G connection, the problem may not be the computer but the internet connection. To solve this you can disconnect the connection and make a new connection to the Internet.

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