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Geocaching: Podium 3D for the FTF (with HTML code for you to use on your caches)

Blog: Geocaching - Podium 3D for the FTF

I do Geocaching for some time, but only find caches not hiding them. Now I decided it was time for me to be contributing to the game and started to hide some of my own caches. To better create the listing of my cache I made a 3D podium in 'Blender' for the FTF's, where that I indicate on the image (via HTML code) the three fastest to do the FTF.

Geocaching FTF podium

If you want you can use the image to place it in your own caches, if only you use it directly from the source http://fotos.sapo.pt/wvWA1DIZEpZ939NsTsth, direct link http://c6.quickcachr.fotos.sapo.pt/i/oa308501f/10555913_ewQEi.jpeg (640x480).

Here I make available the HTML code for you to use the directly in your own 'Listing', just copy/paste, then change the name of the cache and the names of FTF's with the respective links. The result will be the ID of the cache at the top left on the image, and name of each geocacher (with link) under the number.

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