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GoPro is the fastest growing camera company

Blog: GoPro is the fastest growing camera company

Who created
Nick Woodman is a surfer from California (United States) who enjoys surfing and other sports, but also like to record it. The idea came when he was surfing on the beach with friends and had no way to record the moments in the waves with friends. So he created a small camera that can be placed anywhere and shoot in high definition, so sports can practice and record the moments without having to be holding the camera.

Quality and durability
Then he created the GoPro, a small camera with very good quality (1080p HD), which accompanied by a rigid waterproof box, can be taken anywhere, whether in the desert, a mountain full of snow or even under water, can be taken anywhere. The camera comes with other accessories that allow to be placed as needed: in a surfboard, a helmet, on top of the car, a motorbike or bicycle, on a plane, chest, etc., it can be mounted anywhere.

Founded in 2009, its success was immediate, since it is a time where people share videos on the Internet, had a tremendous growth, many people got to love this camera ideal for sports. Since the camera view can be very close to the athlete or his view, the videos on the Internet are a huge success, giving the place of some of the best videos on the Internet. Only in 2011 were sold 800,000 cameras worldwide, making the company raise $250 million.

The company hardly needs advertises for the camera, because its customers share their videos on the Internet, it is estimated that every two minutes is sent to YouTube a video with a GoPro, and users are clear that was shot with a GoPro. But the company is keen to be in extreme events and sports competitions, like Skate or Ski competitions.

Who uses them
Not only is used by amateurs, but the first camera used by lovers of sports and more and more by entertainement professionals, television program makers are increasingly using these cameras, for example the Discovery Channel. Its excellent image quality and durability, makes any producer interested in using it.

Viral Videos
The videos are uploaded to the Internet that are so impressive and spectacular that reach millions of views. The company launched the new model "HD GoPro HERO 2" and offered cameras to several sportsmen and adventurers, and with all expenses paid, led them to amazing places so they could record these moments. With all these moments collected, the company created a 5-minute video and put it on your Youtube channel, from one day to onother, the videos was viral, everybody wanted to see, everyone liked to see it, and in just three months in the YouTube the video had 10 million views. This video can be seen on the bottom of the post.

Source: CBS

Translated from my original post: http://jomirife.blogspot.pt/2012/02/gopro-empresa-camera.html

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