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Geocaching Premium Member: Reasons why people pay for it

Blog: Geocaching Premium Member: Why pay?

You can do Geocaching without paying for that and have a great time! But if you are a premium member you can «Spend less time planning and more time playing», here's why.

Premium features:
• Create custom searches
• Download many geocaches at once
• View cache descriptions on your GPSr
• Identify the most-'favorited' caches
• Find caches along your travel route
• Access Premium only caches
• Advanced map filtering
• New cache notifications
• Additional stats
• Group caches into lists
• Premium API access

Let us do the searching for you
Sort through the more than 1.5 million geocaches listed on Geocaching.com to find the ones that you'll like best. Custom searches let Premium Members select cache size, attributes, difficulty and terrain ratings and more. We'll even deliver the results to your inbox on a daily or weekly basis.

Hundreds of geocaches at your fingertips
Go geocaching with minimal planning time by downloading geocache details for up to 1,000 caches at a time (we call it a 'Pocket Query'). Load the listings onto your GPS device and you are ready to go geocaching anytime.

Go geocaching without cache page printouts
View complete geocache descriptions, recent logs and any hints provided on the cache details page when you download listings to your GPS device.

Identify exceptional geocaches
Sort search results by most 'favorited' caches to quickly see the top-rated caches in an area. Premium Members can award Favorite Points to the best caches they have found.

Change the meaning of "Are we there yet?"
Add excitement to your road trips by stopping for geocaches along the way. Tell us your route and we'll send you the details for geocaches near the roadway.

Premium Member Only geocaches
Access geocache listings that other Premium Members have designated "Premium Member Only."

Visualize your geocaching adventure
Choose which geocache types to display on the map or remove your hides and finds from the display using Geocaching Premium filtering tools. You can also view your saved custom searches and create new custom searches on the map.

Be among the first to know when a new cache is published
Experience the thrill of being the first to find a new cache! Premium Members can elect to receive alerts when a new cache is published. Alerts can be sent to your email address or texted to your phone via its email-to-sms address.

Geek out on statistics
Track your geocaching adventures with Geocaching Premium statistics. You'll learn all sorts of cool facts about your geocaching history, like how many caches you find on average per day and the average difficulty and terrain ratings of those caches.

Group geocaches together
Organize caches into lists that can be accessed on your profile page and quickly downloaded to your GPS device.

Premium access to the Geocaching Live API
Enjoy full access to the Geocaching.com database of caches through partner applications and websites using the Geocaching Live API.

Two ways to improve your geocaching experience!
You can enjoy Geocaching Premium on a quarterly or yearly basis.
$10 for 3 months
$30 for 1 year
You can now enjoy these great features for $2.50 per month.

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