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Amazon Key is a service that lets couriers unlock your door for delivery

What is Amazon Key
The service “Amazon Key” is part of the “Amazon Cloud Cam” that is a security system for your home, the Amazon Key will unlock the smart lock on your front door when the Amazon courier scans the barcode of your package at your front door. This way, the courier can put the package inside and close the door, leaving the package secured inside your home. After de door is closed and the courier checks that the package was sucessuful delivered, and you will receive a notification on your smartphone and a short clip of the video of the delivery, leaving with a peace of mind about the consequences of letting a stranger enter your home, even if was just for a few seconds.

Price of Amazon Key
The bundle includes a smart lock, one camera and the installation by the technician, for US $249.99. There will not be any additional charge in the future for the service or monthly fees, unless you want to add more cameras or locks. But you can buy this parts on your own and do your own instalation.

Problems of Amazon Key
There are a few concerns about this new service, because you don’t know what type of person will enter your house or just open the door, even he don't steal anything in that moment, he could just pay attentions of the things you have inside your house and could come back to rob your home in another day. About animals, your dog may not understand who is that person and attack him, or your pet can just run outside when the courier opens the door. If you have an alarm system, when the courier opens the door, he will trigger the alarm or the silent alarm because the Amazon key will not disable your alarm for the courier. The problems may vary.

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