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Windows: How to Protect folders and files with a password using the «Quick Crypt»

Windows: How to Protect folders and files with password

If your computer is used by several people, accessed by coworkers, or you will share a computer at an event or job. You may want to protect your folder and files, preventing others from having access to them, preventing them to see or even copy your files.
This process is applied to folders, image files, videos, documents, audio, etc, which can be encrypted and only have access through a password that will you will set.

Download the program «Quick Crypt» at and install the application:
1. On "Target File" click the magnifying glass icon and select the file you want to protect.
2. Keep selected "Encrypt File" option.
3. Under "Settings" in the "General" tab, enter the password and confirm with the same password. You may enter on the third field a hint to help you remember your password.
4. Press "Encrypt File" and wait while the program encrypts the files.

To decrypt the files do the same procedure but using the "Decrypt File" option.

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