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Tips to make your LinkedIn profile attractive and professional

If you are using a LinkedIn account, you should try to make you profile as much attractive and professional as you can, here are some tips for that.

Tip 1. Keywords in your profile
The search engine is an essential tool for finding the desired professional, for that you must use "keywords" on your profile that best characterize you as and yout professional skills, it will be for these "words" that entrepreneurs will search. Like "webdesigner", "mobile developer", "marketing" or any other words that describe your skills as a professional.
Like it is important to choose the words that define it professionally, you should also be careful to avoid words that can hurt your profile, as an exemple: "gothic", "crazy guy" or reference to any religion, can be considered negatively by the person who intends to hire you.

Tip 2. What do you want to be seen as
The LinkedIn profile is intended to show how you are professionally, and this is the most important marketing tool about you. Whatever are your particular profession or working area, or if you are a freelancer, your description should identify the main profession you have, avoiding describe their personal tastes.

Tip 3. Talk about yourself
Tell your story, how you got here and concisely explain the story that portrays your professional life, and why you are motivated and interested in the area that you work. You can also talk about the future, your  hopes to grow professionally and desires.

Tip 4. Photography profile
First impressions are very important, and your profile picture is the first graphic element that will jump in sight of who sees your profile. Use a professional photo that portrays the professional field that you exert is very important, so you can visually stimulate those who want to hire you. Avoid using personal photographs, taken with sloppiness, or in bars situations. A photograph may show that you have less worries about your professional profile, unless the photograph portrays the professional environment that the image shows.

Tip 5. Personalized Link Profile
Publicize your account profile via a custom link, a simple and intuitive URL that links to your profile. The link that LinkedIn assigns is a little long, with much information, and a number of many digits like this:
By spreading this URL, you can easily miss a character and the access to your profile will fail, especially if you try to say it personally. LinkedIn allows each one to create a custom short URL, where you can choose the name in the URL.

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