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VGHS: Video Game High School (webseries)

Blog Post: VGHS Video Game High School (webseries)

Plot: It's the near future professional gaming is the biggest sport on earth. Around the world, millions of players duke it out in fighters, RTS’s, First Person Shooters and more. To the victors go the spoils: glory, clan contracts and million dollar endorsements. The best young gamers are recruited by elite boarding schools to sharpen their skills. The best of the best go to VGHS: VIDEO GAME HIGH SCHOOL.

VGHS is a feature-length action/comedy web series (9 episodes, ~10 mins per episode) about best friends, first loves, and landing that perfect head shot. It follows Brian, a young FPS player stuck in a town where he doesn’t belong. His fortunes change when he scores a massive kill against the world’s top amateur player: VGHS senior “The Law.” Brian rockets into the national spotlight and lands an invite into the hallowed halls of VGHS. There his skills will be tested as he fights to fit in with the most talented gamers alive. Along the way he’ll make unlikely friends, fall in love with no-nonsense FPS hot shot, Jenny Matrix, and face powerful enemies – namely The Law, who vows to destroy Brian for good. Will Brian’s dreams end before they’ve even started? Or will he pull it together and become the gamer he was born to be?


Ep. 1 - (10:52) "You have been accepted"
Ep. 2 - (11:54) "The School"
Ep. 3 - (9:22) "It's all about the game"
Ep. 4 - (16:20) "The Party"
Ep. 5 - (12:57) "The Law vs Brian D"
Ep. 6 - (14:36) "It's Games Time"
Ep. 7 - (16:23) "The Fight"
Ep. 8 - (13:26)
Ep. 9 - (21:50)

Behind the Scenes
Ep. 1 - (5:48)
Ep. 2 - (6:28)
Ep. 3 - (7:51)
Ep. 4 - (5:15)
Ep. 5 - (5:35)
Ep. 6 - (4:51)
Ep. 7 - (5:58)
Ep. 8 - (6:34)
Ep. 9 - (7:06)


Ep. 1 - (30:57)
Ep. 2 - (34:46)
Ep. 3 - (32:18)
Ep. 4 - (38:01)
Ep. 5 - (32:54)
Ep. 6 - (43:41)


Executive Producer
Matthew Arnold
Brandon Laatsch
Freddie Wong
Reza Izad
Sam Maydew
Dan Weinstein

Written by
Matthew Arnold
Will Campos
Brian Firenzi

Directed by
Matthew Arnold
Brandon Laatsch
Freddie Wong

Created by
Matthew Arnold
Freddie Wong
Will Campos
Brian Firenzi

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