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Tips for Empire Avenue

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How to increase the price of your shares

Get more shareholders: When someone buys your shares, your share price will rise! Encourage people to buy your shares, promote your profile! Look for interests and people who want to invest, promoting your profile to them.

Improve Your Social interaction: The great influence to increase the price of the shares has to do with what you do outside the game, in the social networks and connections you add.

Facebook and Facebook fan pages: Write interesting thing and regularly for leading people to comment and share what you have produced. Increasing your group of friends or people to like your page, increases the interaction in these links.

Twitter: Increase the number of your followers, but real people, not bots or false followers, it will help the price of their stock. Write Tweets that people are interested in interact, responding, and retweet. Talk to your followers or people you follow, and maintain a regular activity of tweets.

Empire Avenue: Get shareholders and try to keep them, lose investors means losing the investment they made, and you're shares get lower. Join and create communities for people to discuss issues. Promote on the site and outside, your profile of Empire Avenue!

Flickr and YouTube: Upload content that has a big audience, that people want to watch, comment and give positive note. Increases the audience of these networks, and give them attention, also interact with these connections influence the score.

LinkedIn: Increase your professional LinkedIn network creating good connections. Get recommendations for great connections!

Blogs: Connect the RSS feed's of your Blog's. Write posts with good content in the blog's and has get many visitors that comment. Get many endorsements for the feeds of the blog's on Empire Avenue.

How to increase your Net Wealth

Get shareholders: Each time someone buys your shares, you start receive 50% of the amount they invested, this value decreases as you sell more and more. Talk to friends who are in the game if they know you, they will certainly be happy to invest in you. Invest in other people and let them good feedback, they will check you out, and could invest back.

Invite new players: You should invite friends and people you know that could be interested in playing, by using your referral link you will receive 2000 eaves per entry.

Buy Eaves: You can buy luxury items using eaves or buy eaves with real money, for this go to "store", but this is not common to do, but if you have money to spend and want to take the EAV too seriously, then do it.

Achievement: Unlocking certain achivements will you be rewarded with eaves, each one has an different amount of eaves, there are some easy ones and others very difficult. Easy as writing your biography, connecting social networks, reaching an amount of tweets, comments, number of shareholders, amount of money, etc., there are many.

Get big dividends: Each person who you've invested will pay a "dividend" once a day based on the activity that they have in their own social networks connected, the dividends are paid for each share you have. So invest in people who have great daily activity and create content their own social networks.

Connect a Blog RSS feed

Each post you write in your blog and the comments which are written influence the price of your shares. To connect a blog you have to do the following thing:
• Get the RSS feed link of the blog.
• Go to My Profile > My Connections > Add New RSS Feed/Blog.
• In the window that opens you will insert: name of the blog, url rss feed and blog url.
• The you will have to receive 5 endorsements from other players.
• After getting at least five endorsements, return to this page and click on "Request Upgrade to Blog," that will give you a code that you will have to paste in the last blog post, and within 24 hours EAV will checked and approved (This is to verify that the blog is really yours).
• After the feed icon that was previously blue, become orange, that means that as been approved as a blog.


• CEO - Chied Executive Officer
• President
• CFO - Chief Financial Officer
• Vice President
• Senior Manager
• Manager
• Employee
• Shareholder

Secret Achievements
• Shapeshifter: Change your photo/logo 5 times a day (can be followed) - Value: 100e

This post has been translated from my original post in Portuguese http://jomirife.blogspot.com/2011/06/empire-avenue-dicas.html

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  1. Thanks for the post ... but I have a question.

    How does one obtain endorsements?



  2. @Steve Cooksey, other people have to click "Endorse" for that feed at http://www.empireavenue.com/p/connections

  3. Great advice. How do you connect Google+ as a blog/RSS Feed? Thanks.

  4. @Rich Bradford, You use "https://plus.google.com/(google+ id number)/posts" as de RSS feed, and do as you did for the blogs.

  5. Thank you for the Empire Avenue tips! Nice blog you have :)