sexta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2011

What is a Internet MEME?

What is a MEME?
The "Internet meme" are 'movements' for people to join on creating similar data of something to spread via the Internet. Could be a hiperlink, website, video, foto, hashtag, a word or a phrase. The meme will spread via the social networks, blogs, email, or other ways in the internet.

Why creating them
For public relations, advertising, marketing, viral marketing, guerrilla marketing, or just because is fun. The most viral memes and the ones people like more are with Images or Videos.

It could be a Image, video, hiperlink, website, hashtag, word, phrase, and more.

Video: Coning, Mailboxing
Images: Planking, Batmaning, Owling, Lamping, Sad Keanu, Disaster girl, Nyan Cat, Troll Face

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