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China prohibits the sale of the iPad. Apple stole the patent?

Blog: China prohibits the sale of the iPad

In China are prohibited the sales of the Apple iPad tablet. Due to a process that Apple has lost in court, the company "Proview Technology" claims that the company 'Apple' is using the name "iPad" illegally, since the Chinese company has the patent on the name "iPad" since the year 2000.

The court gave the reason to "Proview Technology" and then the Chinese authorities by order of the court went to the Apple stores and apprehend the Apple iPad that are on display for sale. This led to the stores to keep all tablets out of sight so thet were not seized until the situation is resolved.

With the third generation of the iPad about to be presented, the Chinese market may not be available for the new tablets.

It is indeed an interesting situation because the country is China! In a country where the 'fake' all products, many tablets of low quality that not only have the name like the other Apple products, and the design tries to be similar, and even the software. Now it was time for a Chinese company to sue Apple :)

Source: Hebei Youth Daily

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